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If you've been involved in a car crash, we can create a customized plan, to provide the solutions to treat the root cause of the injury.
We can usually treat you with no out of pocket expense on a lien basis.
Also if needed, we have access to specialists such as neurologists, orthopedic specialists and others to aid in ypour recovery.


People who get regular adjustments to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function, report having a higher quality of life and happiness.
As we are the largest drug less healing profession we can also if you want, coordinate care with your medical doctor so you can achieve your health goals.


What's the point of having time to play sports when everything hurts after the game? And NO, popping pain pills during and after the game, is not a solution. We can provide effective treatment so you can recover quickly and prevent future injuries. 
The longer you can stay active, the healthier and happier you will be.
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 We have going to see Dr. Jensen for years. The level service has been outstanding. Very easy to work us in with our busy schedules.

   Im having Dr. Jensen treating me from an auto incident, so far the program im going through has been helpful while the pain is being relieved. His office is helpful with dealing with insurance company. When you start out with him, he will do an evaluation for you and maybe take a scan. Your needs may be different than mine but so far, im in good hands.

 I was in a car accident with double whip lash.  Couple of weeks after I started seeing dr. Jensen I stopped using any medications. No more pain, no headaches! The quality of my life improved 100%. I am going for Maintenance visits now and I recommend Dr. Jensen to everyone I know. His assistant is exceptional also. Great practice!

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